22 August 2007

scouting for gold

Well how's that (not out) for ridiculously in character?

Not only can I hardly be bothered to 'weblog' (blog is far too ugly a word to actually use), I seem to have somehow managed to infect the world of blogspot too. I set up this account then left it to simmer for a while, then when I finally worked up the energy to write something it refused to comply. Bastard.

As if I was in need of things to send me straight back to sleep... (Perhaps I should consider changing my 'zudonym' to Lazy Bones. I could be related to Susan. Rimshot, please).

Eventually (obviously) I triumphed against the evils of the internet. Well, I always do. Once upon a time I set up port forwarding you know, and worked out my router's password. I'm clearly a technological mastermind. (Please ignore for a moment the fact that I can barely turn a computer on.)

So. Where to go with this other than complaining about the services I'm using? Oh. What am I up to?

Well the honest answer is not a lot. I just got back to London to be confronted with the ugly truth that I have neither job nor money. Since I've just moved back in with the parental units I suppose I don't technically need either- unless I ever want to leave the house.

Personally I think everyone should just come to me. It's how it used to work in the good old days! Getting drunk and stoned and playing lots of blackjack. Although that tended to work a lot better when my parents were out, preferably of the country.

See they have jobs and working ears and normal sleeping patterns (none of which I possess) so I can't really rally the troops. Besides some of the troops have managed to go out and get themselves gainfully employed.

It's not that I'm against working per se. I suppose if I examine the issue I probably actually am- but not to the extent that I'd let it get in the way if someone wanted to hire me. I just feel that I've never had any years off in my scholarly career, and since I only have very vague plans for the future (an MA; going to Paris; a hobo's life for me) that I'm entitled to a (few) year(s) off. I don't have 'real' debts like credit cards, just the student loan- which has to wait until I get a proper job. Right now I'd preferred something chilled (possibly some wine).

I don't want too many hours of work a week. I want something vaguely fun! I want afternoons and evenings, not early mornings- and this time it's not so much about the laziness. I have pretty awful sleeping patterns, and I simply can't force myself into good ones for long periods of time.

I'd also quite like to take my time and not just grab the first job that comes along, as I've learnt from experience that that just goes badly.

The problem is that not only am I making demands of my hypothetical job, I'm also not at all actively searching for anything matching my mildly ridiculous criteria. Or even calling temp agencies. Although I will. Eventually. Probably...

Right now I'm just feeling far too lethargic to do any of the things I'm supposed to be doing. So instead I'm working through my backlog of music on my computer, and trying to force some space onto my mp3 player for it all. I'm playing a lot of online scrabble. I've just begun reading Sophie's Choice and have a big shelf full of books to read. I figure I could actually enjoy getting to indulge my hermit side. However, I've got the feeling that would only seem fun for about a week. So after that you're pretty much going to have to offer me a job, or I might turn up outside your window and throw trivia at you until you break down weeping. Scout's honour.

"You were a boy Scout?" - Spike
"Parts of me." - Adam


Red Eyes said...

Hi there!
Do you love books?

Miss Anne Throp'ist said...

Yes, I definitely love books. :)

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