08 June 2009

I am on a lonely road and I am traveling

Just a fly by to point out that I am still alive. That fact being something that needs to be double-checked perhaps more than usual as my susceptibility to accidents reached lofty heights a little over a week ago when I drove a motorbike at top speed into a fence. A fence mostly composed of metal poles in point of fact.

Now that the stitches are out and the wound appears to be healing pretty well it doesn't seem so dire. Although my similarity to Frankenstein's (monster's) bride is something I could do without. Still, I'm planning to have a piece of the motorbike made into jewellery, which will hopefully distract the eye from my forehead. Or I'll just wrap my krama around my head everyday for the rest of my life. Either way.

Also I suppose I ought to point out that I've now fled South Korea (although I think I should probably be allowed back into the country) since my company went pseudo-bust. Basically they refused to declare themselves bankrupt and tried to get away without paying us. Which I wasn't the biggest fan of strangely enough.

So I've decided to meander home the (very) long way around, and Tiptoe has been caught in my web of excellent plans too. When I've returned I'll write things up properly and include lots of pretty pictures!

"All good dreamers pass this way someday
Hiding behind bottles in dark cafes
Only a dark coccoon before I get my gorgeous wings
And fly away"

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